Madison WI:  Where I began Thai Yoga Metta in July 2007  13th ANNIVERSARY
Heartpath Acupuncture Center, 335 W. Lakeside St, Madison WI NEW LOCATION

Tucson AZ:  My New Home Base since Nov 2011
(1)East Tucson near Agua Caliente Park (See Bleow)
(2)Other Locations to be announced...

Seattle WA: Where I started Thai Yoga Bliss while caring for a family member
To be arranged for each visit...

Other locations may be available in yoga studios and a few private locations.

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Tucson AZ, 85749:
East Tucson
Near Agua Caliente Park
Acutal location within a mile.
Madison WI, 53715:
335 W Lakeside Street
Heartpath Acupuncture Center
ThaiYogaMetta Thai Massage in Madison WI
335 W Lakeside St, Madison WI 53715
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